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Discover Your Own Specific Tennis Game Style

Most tennis instruction articles and videos on the internet are telling you how to master your strokes or give you general tactics for a tennis match.

But every player is different and has his own game style.

There are 4 different game styles:

1. Defensive Baseliner

The defensive baseliner is patient and avoids unnecessary risk. He likes to use the

opponent's speed and moves easily on the baseline, often enjoys running (hard work), has good passing shots and he only goes for a winner when there is a big opportunity.

2. Aggressive baseliner The aggressive baseliner clearly plays shorter points than players with another game style, and therefore takes significantly more risk. He is not so impatient but likes to bend the game to his will and likes to force the opponent to make mistakes.

3. All-Round Play

The all-round player plays on average with less speed than the aggressive baseliner. Not because he can't do it, but because he uses the entire space of the court more and speed is less often useful or necessary. He is patient and dares to take (appropriate) risks. The all-round player also goes to the net much more often and actually he feels at home everywhere on the court.

4. Net Rusher

The net rusher prefers to go to the net as quickly as possible. Preferably with serve&volley

in his own serve games or with chip&charge with the return. He has little patience when it

comes to long series of the same shots over and over. He prefers to play short points and

is used to making unforced errors.

From the age of 14 and above players should practice regularly their own specific game style.

This is regarding all 5 game situations:

Serve, return, baseline game, net game, and the game against the net player.

You can fill in the score and add up all the scores for each game style.

The game style with the highest score is your own specific game style!

Get your FREE workbook:

Good luck!

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