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7 Reasons To Collaborate With A Recruiting Company For Your College Tennis Adventure

College tennis in the US is a fantastic opportunity for players to combine studying and playing tennis at a high level after they graduate from high school.

But where to start?

Which university do I have to approach?

When must I start the College Tennis procedure?

Can I arrange everything by myself?

Do I need a recruiting company?

How much money does it cost?

Am I good enough for College Tennis?

I advise everybody interested in College Tennis to collaborate with a reliable recruiting company.

Hereby are 6 reasons to collaborate with a recruiting company:

1. Eligibility.

The NCAA has strict athletic and academic rules and the recruiting company makes sure that the whole College Tennis procedure is according to these rules. When you do the whole procedure by yourself and don't follow these rules, it can be the end of your College Tennis dream.

2. Visibility.

You don't know which university to approach, but the recruiting company has a database and they send you out to all universities. Also, they place you on their website.

In short, the recruiting company ensures your visibility at all universities.

3. Recruiting video.

You don't know exactly what the American coaches want to see from you in a video.

The recruiting company knows exactly what is important and creates a professional College Tennis video of you.

4. Help to choose the right university.

It's difficult to choose the right university on your own. The recruiting company is finding the most suitable university for you. They make recommendations based on school rankings (academic and athletic), campus life and culture, coaches and coaching style, etc.     

5. Communication with American coaches.

You don't know how to communicate with American coaches. The recruiting company is putting you in touch with coaches and is preparing you for conversations with the coaches, both verbally and via email.  

6. Application process.

The whole application process is very difficult for you when you have to do this by yourself. The recruiting company makes a clear personal schedule of everything you have to do during the process. They guide and support you with the 2 mandatory tests the SAT and the TOEFL, the admission process, health insurance, visa, etc.

7. Support throughout your entire College Tennis career.

With reliable and good recruiting companies, their support doesn't stop when you've found your dream university. They support you during your whole College Tennis career in the US and they can help you when you have questions or ask advice. For example, how to deal with a transfer to another university. 

Do you want to have more information about College Tennis?

Good luck!

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