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Tennis Coach Eric also works for MADE Scholarships, an organization that arranges scholarships in the U.S. for tennis players who graduated from high school. 


An athletic scholarship offers you a way to pay for school while playing the sport you love. 


Many athletes across the globe are not aware of the opportunities to study in the U.S. through an athletic scholarship. In most countries, for playing sports on a high level, there is often a trade-off between school and sport. However, by playing sports for an American college, it is possible to combine the two perfectly. You, the student-athlete, sign a contract to represent the school and compete in your respective sport while the school offers you financial support to help pay for tuition and other relevant costs in return. The amount of support a school will provide a student-athlete can range anywhere from a small yearly tuition percentage to a full scholarship that covers all costs. An athletic scholarship allows you to develop and improve as an athlete while experiencing American college life and working towards obtaining a Bachelor's degree. 


When to apply?

You must apply well ahead of time. Coaches want to build their teams as early as possible, and they only have a limited amount of scholarships available. We advise all players to work with MADE Scholarships at least one year before you plan on starting your Bachelor's degree in the U.S. Sometimes we can place athletes last minute; however, we don't recommend waiting too long, as you will have considerably fewer choices and lower scholarship offers. Also, keep in mind all the administrative tasks that you will need to take care of (e.g. apply for a student visa), which usually takes a couple of months to complete. 


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Tennis Coach Eric

College Tennis in the United States.
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