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12 Ways To Be A Positive Role Model As A Tennis Coach

As a tennis coach, you must set a good example for your players.

You are a role model for your players. They will copy the things you do.

Having positive role models is very important, especially for children and teenagers.

Kids look up to certain people in their lives. They look to their role models as an example when they have decisions and choices to make.

Tennis coaches are one of these role models they look up to.

Therefore, I've listed 12 ways to be a positive role model as a tennis coach.

1. Being on time for the practice.

If you want your players to be on time for the practice, you must start with yourself.

It will challenge your players to follow your example.

2. Doing a warm up by yourself when hitting with your players.

Why do you demand a good warming up from your players, when you don't prepare yourself in the same way? Your players will appreciate when you are doing also a warm up before the practice starts.

3. Dressing properly

No need to wear always the most expensive brands, but try to dress properly. You don't want to give a bad example to your players, you want to see them also with decent tennis clothes.

4. Not using bad language and bad behavior on the court

This one is very important. It's good to give your players some freedom in the practice, but there are boundaries for language and behavior. When they are confronted with your decent language and decent behavior, they shall copy it.

5. Being able to demonstrate all kinds of shots or situations

In this way, you challenge your players to master skills. You are the big role model, so your players want to have the same skills as you.

6. No smoking

Don't smoke on the court or anywhere else near your players.

Smoking is bad for your health, and you must promote a healthy lifestyle.

7. No alcohol

Don't drink alcohol on the court or anywhere else near your players.

Drinking alcohol is also bad for your health, and you must promote a healthy lifestyle.

8. Not letting the ball bounce twice when hitting with your players.

When you demand from your players to be focused and try to let the ball bounce one time,

you cannot let the ball bounce twice by yourself.

When you are chasing the ball in order to let it bounce one time, you'll motivate your players to do the same.

9. Not sitting or leaning against the fence during practice

You want energy and commitment from your players, so you must have an energetic attitude.

When your players see you sitting or leaning against the fence, they are also not giving 100% on the court.

10. During instruction, also making mistakes on purpose.

This may look strange, but you want your players not to be afraid of making mistakes.

When you sometimes make a mistake on purpose during your demonstration of an exercise, you take away the pressure on your players. Making mistakes is good for the learning process.

11. Being interested in your players.

When you are interested in your players, your players also will be interested in your instructions. Don't be distracted by your mobile phone, parents beside the court or other things. Your players will be more focussed and their playing level will go up.

12. Making compliments.

It's important to give compliments to your players, for example, for choosing the right intention of hitting the ball. Compliments are much more effective to raise the level of your players, than talking only about their mistakes. Your players will learn the power of positive thinking.

Try to be a role model on the court and inspire your players!

Good luck!

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