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10 Characteristics of a Great Tennis Coach

In tennis you have tennis coaches and great tennis coaches. What are the characteristics of great tennis coaches? Is this something you can learn? Of course you can learn this, when you have an open mind and are eager to learn. Below, I've listed 10 characteristics of great tennis coaches.

1. Great listeners.

A great coach doesn’t just focus on the technical development of their players, but they listen to their player’s concerns or excitement about their tennis games, tournaments, and development. Besides, coaches who are good listeners create a better bond with their players. Having a powerful bond with your players requires great communication skills, which will help improve your player’s development over the years.

2. Excellent Motivators.

Coaches that can motivate their players to train hard, make changes, and never give up. This is the difference between a coach and a great coach. Besides, playing tennis like any other sport can be tough. As a result, winning and losing, rankings and ratings, and the competitive nature of tennis can be hard on all young players. In addition, a great coach needs to motivate their players to change their tennis technique, tactical awareness, and to keep going them going through tough times. This will allow your players to reach their tennis goals, whether that would win a high-level junior tournament or winning weekly matches at a recreational level.

3. They communicate not only, but they also connect.

One of the key characteristics of being a great tennis coach is connecting with your players. Coaches need to form a healthy relationship with their players. A coach that can make a lesson fun and educational, and who has the full trust of his players, you can call a great coach.

4. Outstanding teachers.

Teaching a child to play tennis can be hard, but it can be a fun job. The amount of technical and tactical development that it takes a player to reach their full potential is enormous. However, a great coach needs to be a great teacher. They need to understand their players to fully enable the player’s full potential.

5. Reward hard work, not only results.

Hard work doesn't only mean running fast to reach the ball or never giving up,

it also includes playing in the right way and making the right choices in different game situations. When the player is always making the right choices in his matches, and therefore understands the game, the results will come soon enough. Great coaches will always reward your hard work.

6. Care for their students.

Great coaches care about their students! For instance, they take the time to connect with their players, learn about their player’s lives, and help push their players to reach their tennis and life goals. This also means that a great coach has the player's best interest in mind and supports them in whatever life decisions they make.

7. They teach not only the sport, but also life lessons.

In addition, the connection between a coach and their player means the coach can be part of the player’s life, give the player someone else to talk to, and ask advice from. As a great coach, you act as a role model to your players. They way you teach and coach them will reflect in how players make decisions on and off the court.

8. Great coaches are not afraid of change.

They are not afraid of the changes in the game of tennis. These coaches are happy to grow with the game and their players. They understand that one way of teaching doesn’t suit every player, and they are happy to adapt their coaching style to suit individual players.

9. Never stop learning.

The game of tennis is ever changing. So, a great tennis coach needs to change with the game to give their players the best opportunity to accomplish their tennis goals. Also, a great tennis coach never stops learning and refreshing their skill set. They read, watch videos, complete courses, and learn from watching the game to make themselves better coaches and better mentors to their players.

10. Great innovators.

The definition of being an innovator is ‘to introduce something new; change anything established.’ The coaches are not afraid of trying different things and to take advice from other coaches, their players, and parents.

Maybe you already recognize some points listed in your own attitude as a tennis coach.

Try to work on all 10 points and you will be a great tennis coach!

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